Villa & House Loom Bowl

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The high-shine finishes and dazzling details of our Loom Collection immediately catch the eye and inspire a closer look. Recalling the centuries-old Japanese tradition of Kintsugi, in which the cracks of broken pottery are repaired with gold, our Loom Medium Bowl weaves threads of shining brass across its facade, communicating the beauty of handmade imperfection. And while it may look like delicate porcelain, the bowl is actually hand-shaped from blackened iron, meaning it's durable enough for everyday display atop a dining table or kitchen counter - even with kids around. Whether stacked with fresh fruit or spotlighted solo, the Loom elevates a space with the air of a rare treasure.

  • Brass Accents
  • Dimensions: 6" w x 6" d x 3.5" h
  • Dimensions: 7" w x 7" d x 4" h