Villa & House Eaves Mirror

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The Eaves mirror has the simplest shape and richest references of any mirror we make. A slender brass frame crisply outlines the octagonal shape, which is considered lucky in every culture. Visual interest comes from the faceted, finished black lacquered back with roots in Czech Cubism’s belief that objects have good energy which is released by splitting crystalline forms. This sophisticated design projects a few inches into the room to cast pretty shadows onto the wall or floor.

  • Mirrored Wood
  • Metal Frame with D-Rings Installed for Vertical Hanging
  • Color: Mirror
  • Dimensions: 14" w x 2" d x 14" h
  • Dimensions: 19" w x 2" d x 19" h
  • Dimensions: 28" w x 2" d x 28" h