Made Goods Baladi Panel Mirror

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The Baladi is an exceptional product that reuses and repurposes materials. In India, this wood was used as molds for cast marble window screens. We loved the geometrical shapes and formed them into a decorative wall panel. Our mirrors are designed to be hung by a professional, usually by wire. Actual hanging specifics vary on a case by case basis and depend on several variables, including the mirror weight and wall type. Incorrect hanging can result in damage to the mirror or the wall. Made Goods is not responsible for damage due to incorrect hanging of our pieces. Natural variations in this material may occur.

  • Finish: Rustic Wood
  • Mirror Type: Normal
  • Hanging Orientation: Portrait
  • Type of Hardware: D Ring
  • Materials: Wood
  • Dimensions: 27" w x 64" h
  • Outer Profile: 1"
  • Reflection Area: 21" w x 58" h
  • Weight: 74 pounds