Countdown to Thanksgiving!

Posted by Benjamin Aziz on

Countdown to Thanksgiving!


Whether or not you are hosting Thanksgiving at your house, chances are over the next month or two you will be entertaining for the holidays. So where do you begin? For starters spend this week decluttering and deep-cleaning your dining room area. A feast is all about the dining room taking the center stage.


Once the dining room is clutter free make sure you have access to a buffet table or sideboard. This allows for beverages, side dishes, desserts as well as additional dishware to rest. A buffet table frees up the space on the dining table and allows you to set the stage for a lovely holiday meal. The lower cabinet area provides an area for dishes to be stored and other serving pieces. A valuable piece of furniture often overlooked.


Next ensure you have plenty of seating. This is when extra leaves to a dining room table sure come in handy. Polish your furniture and plan your table settings, seating and centerpiece. During your final week plan out your menu and delegate dishes to family members. Being prepared will help you enjoy holiday entertaining.


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